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  1. Just looking back at release notes - the issues probably started with the release of V4 which was in November 2019. So it looks as though we have an impasse!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Porthos. Unfortunately, I don't know how far back to go. My issues have been ongpoing since around October/November last year - probably v3, but i can't be sure. Going back to v3 would i'm sure cause other issues (Windows, etc) and be a real retrograde step. I first reported to this forum in January this year. Your link is for Any idea when that was? I was already using 4.0.4 when I first reported in January. Regards
  3. Hi there Porthos and LightningX My issues as detailed in this thread are still not sorted. I'm now into another year's subscription and still having to run without Web protection or Ransomware Protection. Only half a product!
  4. Hi Porthos Apologies for the delay. I've deleted the scheduled scan and done a reboot/retsart with Web Protection turned on again. It hasn't worked. Issues still the same. So WP off again. Regards
  5. Hi Porthos Yes, I have updated to 4.1 and no it hasn't resolved anything further.
  6. Hi there all. I'm the original poster on this topic. Any Further news on a resolution? I'm still running with Web Protection switched off. Regards Noel
  7. Hi LiquidTension Printers connected by USB. Farbar files attached. System and Application event logs here https://we.tl/t-uzBPsiGO4u Regards FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Good evening, LiquidTension Adding PskovNDB 2.0 folder to the allowed list has resolved the issue between Ransomware protection and the Pskov software. Obvioulsy the printer/Ransomware protection issue is still there. Also note that subsequent to this test MB has updated to, update 1.0.19002, component 1.0.823. I rebooted and ran the test again. All still OK. Just checked the web protection after the update. Still an issue so web protection remains switched off. Regards
  9. Hi LiquidTension and Porthos Standalone ARW module tested after clean uninstall of MB. Restarted computer after ARW installation. Both of the RW-related issues persist without any noticeable improvement. ARW standalone removed and MB re-installed and running with Web and Ransomware Protection modules switched off. Regards
  10. ...and then run the Support Tool again to install after removing the standalone ARW?
  11. Thanks LiquidTension What is the easiest/safest way to uninstall and re--install MB Premium? Regards
  12. Correction to above. Should read ...for 2 seconds or more every 20 seconds or so..... Regards
  13. Good afternoon. Thanks for following up. Is this machine in an IPv6-enabled environment? I think so. Ipconfig file attached. Regarding the issue with Ransomware Protection - specifically, which programs are impacted by this? The following are what I have noticed – there may be others. When I switch on a printer, Windows doesn’t pick it up and it may require a few power cycles to get it onboard. Procmon-log at this link. https://we.tl/t-noqAACo9hM The printer is an HP M1120MFP (same result with HP LJ M175nw printer) and in this instance I powered the printer on and it was not picked up by Windows (watching Devices and Printers). Cycled the printer power switch and this time Windows connected. 2 of the programmes I regularly use process large data files (3Gig+) and produce multiple data files (1,000 totalling 44G+). These used to run and write data smoothly. They now hesitate for 10 secs or more every 20 seconds or so. SpectrumBuilder is the one writing many files and which hesitates for a few seconds every 15 or so seconds. I have used that in the production of the procmon-log. https://we.tl/t-KFtXZUezBR In this test it was reading one file from G: and writing multiple files to the D:. It paused a few times in the 2mins I ran it. Latest MB Support Tool log attached. Regards Noel. mbst-grab-results.zip ipconfig_result.txt
  14. Thanks for the quick response, Porthos. So should I sit tight and keep monitoring this thread? How long might be a reasonable time to wait before I press thebutton again?
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