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  1. It really helps! Now my father's laptop is working properly again. No more redirecting to another search engine and the sign in button is now visible . Thank you so much!
  2. I'm sorry, i forgot to upload the Logs MalwarebytesLog.txt
  3. My father use Google chrome as his default browser on windows. Everytime when i type something like "gulu gulu" and clicked enter on google browser in his laptop, the url changed to feed.mytelevisononline.com for a moment then the url changed again to Yahoo search engine (Which shows the result of "gulu gulu"). But when i type an url like www.forums.malwarebytes.com , it just goes straight to the url. I think it's because of redirect virus? So i download Malwarebytes and scan the laptop. The Malwarebytes is able to remove so many PUP.Optional file, but somehow the browser is still redirecting to Yahoo search engine. And there are other things i noticed, that his google account didn't synchronize with his laptop anymore. And the sign in button on the new tab is gone. My laptop didn't have this kind of behavior. What should i do? FRST_22-01-2020 16.58.00.txt Addition_22-01-2020 16.57.59.txt
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