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  1. Het help! I got a hijacked me me too i need help i got virus
  2. I NEED HELP I got a virus and its been infecting my pass words and I saw something weird I saw all my steam icon's like white sheet so i looked in one of my hardwares (or disc) and it says i need to format my hardware its called K and it says i need to format it and it will delete everything and i can't acces it so idk if you could help me and i removed all my viruses from malwarebytes but i had like 100 ones ( trojan, spyware, adware (premier opinion),Adware.SearchEngineHijack,Adware.Tuto4PC, From a youtuber link for exploiting on a game ( I reported the youtuber) And he also deletes comments so.. I can't help other's
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