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  1. Great - thanks for your quick response!
  2. Nevermind. I found the issue. There was an image from bibleblender.com (not my site) that was being using in a blog post on TheWord.online (my site). I will remove the image to take care of the issue.
  3. A user reported this to me. Unfortunately, I do not have Malwarebytes Pro, so I cannot verify. For all I know, the user could have an onerous extension or add-on in his browser that is causing the attempted redirect. "Just letting you know that today when I was on theword.online there was a site trying to come through called bibleblender. I run malwarebytes pro and it flagged that site as a trojan site: " theword.online is says that it has blocked the site for www.bibleblender.com "
  4. It has been reported to me that the site I manage, https://theword.online has been flagged as having a Trojan. It does not. How can this be fixed? -Tim Dearborn (Dearborn's Consulting)
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