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  1. The only thing inside C:\AdwCleaner is a settings file, no Logs folder.
  2. Ok, now I disabled all shields, checked that they were off, then tried another scan. Still stuck, file 29424 this time but still.
  3. I did not, no. How would I proceed in doing so?
  4. Gotcha. I think it's worth mentioning that even without the drive attached, the scan would not get past file #29575. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. I've been trying to run some malware removal tools on this really old computer to salvage some decade old photos and stuff. Managed to run Malwarebytes latest version no problem, took 8 hours with rootkit scanning turned on.Found some malware, cleaned it up. After that, I tried running ADWCleaner and for the first time that I ran, it kinda worked. Found some malware, cleaned it up. Days go by, I found another HDD prone to be cleaned, and plugged it into the same computer, ran Malwarebytes again no problem, but now ADWCleaner get's stuck at around 30k files every time (Malwarebytes scan with rootkit scanned through 270k ish files). I unplugged the external HDD, I tried uninstalling both programs and starting from scratch, nothing. It never got past file 29575 or whatever. Currently 22hrs passed and has been on the same file for at least 20hrs.
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