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  1. Actually I think I'm just going to do a clean install of windows. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Eset found 2 potenial items the expressvpn is legitimate but I have no idea what the second item could be. The item was deleted is there anything else I should do? ESET.txt
  3. Hello thank you for helping me! I go by Natalie. So that "Reparse Point/Junctions Found" on rkill really didn't mean anything? Okay thanks I was worried it might have been something serious. And I did the offline scan and couldn't find the log but security center says no action is needed. And I was looking at event viewer and saw this right before the scan started: Windows Defender Antivirus Configuration has changed. If this is an unexpected event you should review the settings as this may be the result of malware. Old value: N/A\Scan\OfflineScanRun = New value: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scan\OfflineScanRun = 0x0 Does this mean offline scan was disabled?
  4. Hello! Today when I clicked "check for updates" two updates started to download but then stopped on their own. When I tried to download them again windows said the system was already up to date. That seemed kinda fishy to me so I tried troubleshooting first and then did a scan with windows and malwarebytes and found nothing. I downloaded rkill and sophos virus removal tool and got a warning from Windows about Smartscreen not being able to be reached. I've never gotten that type of warning before and I got it again when I downloaded the farbar tool. Sophos didn't find anything as well so I decided to do another scan on Windows but when I tried accessing Window's security center the app wasn't loading and when I tried accessing it through the settings app everything else was loading fine but the security center. Another weird thing is when I tried redownloading Malwarebytes it wouldn't let me move my mouse to click the download link. My internet I think ended up disconnecting. I restarted my laptop and that's when my internet started working again and windows security center loaded without any problems. I'm just wondering if any of this means my computers infected or I'm being weird. I also included the rkill log sorry if its not needed. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Log.txt Rkill.txt
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