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  1. @Porthos - Thank you for the help! The instruction was simple and surely when I looked under notification settings I found that that website "milvarusso.com" was allowed permission to generate pop-up on my computer. It has been blocked and issue seem to subsided.
  2. I'm running Windows 10 and I recently I started receiving windows notification pop-up from "milvarusso.com" saying that my "McAfee Subcription has expired." Other pop-up messages saying that my "Norton Subscription has expired." This is a relatively new laptop so I have a good recollection of all the software that I have installed on this device and these messages are false. I checked my system for anything related to these messages to no avail. I'm experienced enough to know that this some sort of adware or malware on my computer, but I'm a novice in dealing with these issues. Below is an attachment of one of the pop-ups. Help/Advice greatly appreciated!
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