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  1. Thankyou. When I use auto scaning,It was success. But When I use manual scan at C Drive,BSoD is came out always. C Drive is main drive. Now,I use ver 3.8. It is working.
  2. mbst-grab-results.zip I see many near questions at sending after. So Many people is written Downgrade 4.x to 3.x. I do this. Then It works. I think 4.x is bad version for my pc. I hope this troble is fixed fast. Thank you.
  3. When this application is scaning user directory,Windows is crashed everytime. Crash code is Critical process failed. How to fix? Thankyou. PC spec CPU:intel core i7 7700HQ GPU:Nvidia 1050ti 2gb RAM:32GB SSD: 250GB HDD:1TB OS:Windows10 HOME 1903
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