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  1. I didn't take a screenshot of what it initially identified but it did identify some file and it now scans as "clean" but Safari still goes to Searchmine . net It will not let me change the homepage url in Safari's preferences (even going through the pinned Safari notes on this) it just instantly reverts back to searchmine
  2. Yes - "everything else" included everything applicable in the pinned post. Still having the same problem.
  3. Hello! Newly downloaded Malwarebytes for Mac after having a SearchMine.net issue. I was hoping running it would solve my issue but it hasn't. I have followed through with everything else (I believe?) and it is still coming up as my homepage. (I cannot update my homepage in safari preferences, it continually reverts to the searchmine url) What do I need to do to get this resolved and can Malwarebytes actually take care of this?
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