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  1. I was kinda hoping that Windows didn't offer me updates, as I wasn't actually vulnerable. But silly me, no. Thanks @Porthos for Macrium tip. Awaiting storage device to save image before attempting manual KB install. I'm one of the lucky 1% 😕 woo. hoo. boo hoo
  2. @Porthos and @BillH99999 thanks for sharing your experiences. fwiw - I am on Windows 10 18363.535 and after days and days of repeatedly checking, my system still does not "see" the latest security update. I am reluctant to manually install them for fear of (1) there's a know problem and Microsoft is purposely delaying the update, (2) future automatic Windows Updates will not work properly on top of manual ones and/or (3) irrecoverable system corruption. Windows updates have worked properly in the VM on Windows 10 on this same machine, as well as several other stand-alone computers.
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