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  1. For me latest beta solved the problem. Should be mentioned that I never experienced the BSOD and I'm not using wifi but ethernet. I had the adapter block (couldn't connect to internet or LAN) until I A) disabled web-protection or B) accepted beta-releases and updated to latest A or B solved my problem. Went with B, as I don't want to disable a key feature
  2. Yes, with the latest beta release, it seems that I dont loose connection, even with web protection feature turned on
  3. I enabled beta and updated.. seems like it has fixed the disconnections when I'm idle. Will test a bit more and let you know
  4. My Logs, but with web-protection disabled. Just to recap, my adapter only looses internet, when I leave mouse + keyboard idle for a few minutes. As long as I'm active, I keep my internet connection: mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. If you already are aware that your software has a bug causing loss of connectivity and are investigating it, do you still need logs? I have now disabled the web-protection feature of your software and I don't get the disconnects when I leave the computer idle anymore. Do you need logs with or withour web-protection feature enabled?
  6. Finally I found this topic! This has been annoying me so much the last week or so. Startet about a week ago - I experience the network adapter "dies" (have to reboot to get internet access back). Don't know if this is any help for devs to investigate, but in my case it only happens if PC if left idle. I can work a whole day without problems, as long as I touch mouse or keyboard. Network traffic has nothing to do with it. Tried leaving a big download running and then left my PC - still disconnected and had to reboot. As soon as I leave my desk for more than 2-3 minutes, the adapter
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