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  1. There is around 20 log files from this morning. I have uploaded some of those. quatented_log_02_20200119.txt quatented_log_03_20200119.txt quatented_log_20200119.txt repaired_log_02_20200119.txt repaired_log_01_20200119.txt quatented_log_01_20200119.txt
  2. Updated logs attached. Malwarebytes found over 100 PUP's. this morning. Quarantined them and then collected logs and the file is attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Within the past week, Malwarebytes find over 100 files to quarantine every day. What changed. This happens even when I don't go on the internet. Can I change a setting or is there an issue with version 4.0.4? Thanks Tom Seeman tom@seecomp.com
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