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  1. OK - uninstalled using the MWB Support Tool - actually went fairly quick. Re-installed using the offline installer. Unfortunately, no change. I'll take the matter up with support when I return - going out of the country tomorrow for two weeks and not taking the laptop. Thank you for your help!
  2. Plugged into my new (December) D Link router and no change.
  3. Wireless. Also have had a similar problem logging into websites like just now.
  4. Just disabled Web protection. Same 0x80042108 error "Outlook cannot connect to your incoming email server". One minute it cannot connect and 'hangs', the next minute it logs in OK.
  5. Thank you. In my haste yesterday I did run the repair option. Hopefully the new logs will provide the needed information. Also wanted to mention I also access my Gmail accounts with MailWasher Pro - same issues. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Having intermittent issue logging into my Gmail account using Outlook 2013. Have exhausted all other avenues. Research seems to point to my Malwarebytes Premium email scanner. What is the fix?
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