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  1. Because of the problems I am running version as advised. But this version is constantly nagging with "New version available" although "Automatically download and install updates" and "Notify me when a new version is availabe" is DISABLED. Why is this happening? This notifcation also draws over games and all applications.
  2. If I disable Web Protection, the ping directly works. I maybe have to mention, if I for example ping google.com (with Web Protection enabled), the ping command directly shows the IPv6 address of google.com, but the ping fails. So to me it doesn't look like a DNS problem at first glance, but I am not a specialist.
  3. I already have everything set to DHCP/AUTO (IP & DNS for IPv4 & IPv6) Care to explain, why the ping will be blocked by MWB Web Protection, when it is not set to "Obtain DNS server address automatically? This sounds interesting.
  4. Just for your information, I got some feedback from the MWB customer support that I should try the newest Beta (Version, Update 1.0.25444, Component 1.0.946) but the problem persists.
  5. If I disable MWB "Web Protection" everything is working fine. I don't know how it can possibly be caused by the things you suggested then, but I already checked these, before I figured out, that MWB is causing the problems.
  6. Ok, looks like I messed things up a little bit. The problem with the IPv6 ping and browsing IPv6 websites are not directly linked to each other. I updated MWB 4.0.4 now to 4.1 (newest version) on my main pc again and now the ping is NOT working, but browsing websites IS working. I have no idea why yesterday browsing websites was not possible (although disabling Web-Protection fixed it) but now it works. In my tests today with the various MWB versions on a clean windows VM, I only tested if the ping is working (it is not!). I never tried to browse websites. Long story short, current status
  7. I did some additional testing. Installed MWB in a fresh Win 10x64 1909 (with updates) and it has the same problems. I tried various MWB 4.1 versions and with all I have this problem. I grabbed the log from my disk image from 2020-04-15 when I reinstalled windows. This version (and its potentially installed updates) worked until yesterday for me: Looks like, it is one of the versions above. I have no idea why this version was working for me before, and now it does not...
  8. Reinstalled newest version of MWBAM and problem persists. Installing "mb4-setup-consumer-" did solve the problem for me at the moment.
  9. Hi, I have the same problem. The strange thing is, it worked without problems until yesterday. Today I started my pc and I have none or extremly delayed IPv6 communication. Websites takes ages to load, ping not working at all (on IPv6) Websites which only support IPv4 load directly. Disabling Web-Protection solves the problem. Same for my notebook. I suspect a recent (automatically installed) update causes the problem. Very strange that this problem happens to different users at different times, and MWB is not able to fix it. Another strange thing: My pc is on component pa
  10. Thank you for this information. Robin from MWB Support got in touch with me an hour ago, and the problem was solved right away. Very good support. 👍
  11. Hi all, On 2019-12-29 I got an offer in the Malwarebytes user interface to renew for two years at 50% discount. I clicked on the link and was led to the MWB Website where it told me that it was successful. Now on 2020-01-14 my MWB was renewed at the full price for only one year! I already contacted the support on 2020-01-15 but no answer yet, they are either slow/overloaded or ignoring my ticket. Does someone has the same problem with the not working discount? Regards rahe
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