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  1. Good morning, nasdaq, Thanks for your ongoing support. i didn't see your last post until late last night. Attached are the results of Rkill and scf. We aren't finding any problems, yet I still have high CPU usage from StartMenuExperienceHost.exe whenever I close task manager. I've resorted to just keeping task manager running so I can work effectively on the PC. I do not see Windows Module Installer Worker running. Colesdad2 sfcdetails.txt Rkill.txt
  2. Note that I'm still seeing high CPU usage and that I now see "Start" as a process name upon opening task manager. After CPU usage drops when I open task manager I can find the W10 start menu process listed as "Start".
  3. nasdaq, I went ahead with your instructions as best I could. I already had RogueKiller installed, and had previously ran a scan and delete on January 15th. I'm attaching to this reply: RogueKiller Scan Report from January 15th RogueKiller Delete Report from January 15th RogueKiller Scan Report from earlier today SophosVirusRemovalTool.log from earlier today. Note that I'm still seeing high CPU usage and that I now see "Start" as a process name upon opening task manager. Thank you, Colesdad2ReportRogue011520Scan.txt ReportRogue011920Scan.txt ReportRog
  4. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. I have had no files quarantined by McAfee (ever, actually). I had downloaded and installed RogueKiller *prior* to beginning this topic. I was following similar threads. I recognize the importance of following your instructions exactly. So, I cannot today download and install RogueKiller, and run the install routine as admin, because RogueKiller is already installed on my machine.
  5. nasdaq - I already have RogueKiller installed, so cannot follow these instructions exactly as far as running the install DL as admin. Please advise.
  6. Thank you so much for your help, nasdaq. I ran FRST64 with the fixlist. Fixlog attached below. It appears the high CPU usage still exists, but I no longer see the processes without name entries when opening task manager. Let me see how the system behaves for a while. I will post back here later today or tonight. Do you have any idea how system restore got turned off? I am not syncing Firefox. Colesdad2 Fixlog.txt
  7. I've been experiencing near constant high CPU usage which disappears when I open task manager. I am concerned I have some sort of miner/mining infection. I've tried to video the task manager screen when upon opening. I originally found igFXEMmodule, and followed instructions to correct. That has not solved the problem. I now see a process called START, as well as a number of processes which are blank/no name in task manager. These disappear almost immediately. I've read other threads here and have attempted fixes; I'm hoping I haven't caused the potential bug to hide. I would appre
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