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  1. I was unaware of the Beta option. I tried it, nothing changed.
  2. Sorry, poor choice of words. I turned off just web protection under real time.
  3. My first attempt was turning off just real time protection, that fixed the issue.
  4. I had not tried turning off real time protection. I can confirm that turning it off does fix the issue.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. This repeats every time. It will happen even if I just enter and leave, with any torrent client I tried (qbittorrent, BiglyBT, Utorrent (which Malwarebytes saw as a problem.), with or without torrents in it. I will perform the above instructions once I am home from work.
  6. I have an issue that under a certain combination of running programs, Malwarebytes kills my internet. This is on a new PC build. I never had this issue with my previous PC running the same combination of programs, but then, I built the new one because I hadn't been able to update windows 10 for over a year. I run NordVPN, Malwarebytes Premium, windows antivirus, and a torrent client. IF I don't have Malwarebytes running, I can load NordVPN and the torrent client and close them as many times as I want, in any order. If I run Malwarebytes, I can connect and disconnect to the VPN as many tim
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