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  1. uhmmm...i actually did try that as well... then..just before my screen appears... the same thing pop up AGAIN.................................. and i cant even turn off my comp.. no 'start' no nothing.. i ended unplug my battery each time i tried operating it...
  2. same thing happens in safe mode with networking... that thing pop up again.. and the screen is black..
  3. thanks for replying.. but the problem now is... i don't even see the actual screen with icons on it.. i turned on the laptop.. it runs the windows.. then SUPPOSINGLY normal screen next..((as in my beautiful desktop background and icons.. but INSTEAD the stuff i posted in the quote above appeared.. i have tried 'OK' on it and also just 'X' it.. but the response next was just a total black screen with my white mouse cursor.. no start no nothing.. how can i possibly run anything?
  4. not sure if it is some kinda virus... but my laptop has been running okay this afternoon.. i turned it off and left uni.. and when i got home.. i wanted to use my laptop again.. BEFORE...i see the normal desktop screen.. i see THIS!!!! at first i really think it is the system's problems.. but when i went on the internet (using other comp at home)..and check.. well...it could be the VIRUS.. i'm not sure what to do now.. as i cant even see the normal screen.. it's just all BLACK with the WHITE mouse pointer... URGENT...*cry*.. i'm having exams now and this is happening to me...
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