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  1. Already added the Mbytes extention to Brave and just did the delfix as instructed. Thanks again!
  2. I completed the Adobe install (looked to be the same for both Reader and Acrobat). I’m experimenting with Brave as well. We should probably delete all the files I ULd to this thread, shouldn’t we? I’m not a fan of having that info posted here. I want to relay how impressed I am with the attention you folks have provided since I purchased your software! I will be sharing this by recommending you to others whenever the opportunity presents itself. If there’s anything else I should do to secure my system and data, please advise. Also, I'm happy to take a survey or offer h
  3. How are things overall at this time ? I haven't done much so far, but things are definitely better. Before, programs such as adobe reader were crashing. Not any longer. It occurred to me to ask, Why is this machine still on Windows 7 ? Is there any reason to stick with Windows 7 ? This machine can be upgraded for free at Microsoft for the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft does not push that out but a free upgrade is do-able. I was not aware of this. Something to consider. I had made a note to point out to you that this pc has a very very old version of Java.
  4. The computer did a restart after the scan and this is the latest windows updates as well as the file you requested. msert.log
  5. Scan found & quarantined 268 items then suggested a reboot. I did a reboot and it repeated the suggestion immediately when restart was finished. How do I access the log?
  6. YAY! Now, can we please delete all of the files I uploaded here? I don't like the thought of that being out here. Can you tell me what the problem was? Do I have the latest Net Framework now? Also, in a very early reply one of your experts mentioned discussing further the best ways to protect my data. I have an external 1 TB hard drive I do back ups to. He mentioned something about a master that should never be changed. I REALLY appreciate all of the help you and your staff have provided!
  7. None of those files are present. Malwarebytes was removed once it was determined it did not install properly.
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