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  1. Resolved! Posted this too quickly. The Global Ignore list is located in the system dashboard > config > integration > Malwarebytes.
  2. Perfect thank you! Looking to take this a step further by adding to the global ignore list for now. I've gone ahead and posted to the business form. Thanks, Mieke!
  3. Hello, we are using CW Automate with the MBAM plugin. Version I am unable to click on /select the Ignore list for an agent. In light of that.. where do I go about accessing the global ignore policy to add to?
  4. Thanks Porthos, but this works a little bit different for me. I use Connectwise Automate with the MBAM Plugin.
  5. Hello. I am currently am running database version : v2020.01.16.06 and I see the above-mentioned vulkan dll's listed in quarantined. Also, I checked another system running v2020.01.16.07 and these items are also quarantined. Will I need to manually un-quarantine these or take other steps to resolve? Thanks, J
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