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  1. Hey, Using my computer these past couple days I'm pretty sure my issue has been resolved and I am clean of the virus. However, here are the logs from RogueKiller and Sophos just to be safe. Thanks, ReportRogue.txt SophosVirusRemovalTool.log
  2. Hi, I followed the article and Command Prompt said it successfully worked to repair what was corrupted/missing, however, the bold command to copy the information to the Sfcdetails.txt onto my desktop failed to do anything at all. I would type/paste the command, press enter and then it would create a blank line and then start back from C:\Windows\system32> on the next line. Nothing appears on my desktop. I don't think I still have the problem, when I open task manager it still shows that system interrupts its using a large percentage of my CPU for a split second only and I'm not sure why. But my PC seems to be working normally without the unusual slow down.
  3. Hey, I applied the fix and here is the fixlog, I still see high usage in my CPU but I see that it is from something called "System Interupts" which disappears right when I open task manager. However from a google search this seems legit. I'm not entirely sure if the virus has been wiped away. Is there anything else I could do to try and better sure that I rid myself of it? I also ran Windows' system file checker and it concluded that I have some corrupt/missing files that could not be restored. Is this a reason for concern? Thanks, Fixlog.txt
  4. Hello, I recently noticed my computer was beginning to run unusually slow, I also noticed that my search bar on my task bar ceased to work, whenever I clicked it, it would disappear. CMD ceased to work also. After checking task manager, which refused to work multiple times, I noticed something called SoundModule using up a ton of my CPU and GPU. After some research I learned this was a cryptomining virus. I deleted the .exe and followed a tutorial to edit a certain thing in my registry and delete another. My search bar and CMD started working again however whenever I opened task manager my CPU would be near 100% usage for a split second but then drop to normal levels. It happens everytime. I've scanned with malwarebytes which brought up a few threats, which I removed but still no fix to my issue. The fans of my computer run full speed and the CPU for a split second still shows extremely high usage. I think I still have the cryptominer somehow installed on my computer. I've attached the logs from Farbar, I'm not sure what everything means but they might help. Thanks, Addition.txt FRST.txt
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