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  1. is it necessary? I installed BitDefender and I got everything running smoothly. as for the process that was unnamed and was taking up my ram, it was the windows Defender Firewall trying to start, so I deactivated it now that I got BitDefender's one, so everything is back to normal, my performances are stables. do you think this is acceptable as is or should I repair asap even tho I'm not using Firewall anymore? thank you so much for your patience and kindness, btw.
  2. so I guess it was a infection after all... do you think it is a serious matter ? are my informations in danger of any sorts ?
  3. I just wanted to tell you that I can't delete the mbar folder, it returns that error : I also noticed I got this one taking more and more RAM since yesterday, it grows until it takes my whole RAM : meanwhile, here are the results of the MW MSRT scan : and the result of the MSERT scan, found a Malware :
  4. ran the ESET Online Scanner - nothing was found fortunately !esetresults.txt
  5. mbar-log-2020-02-05 (19-36-42).txt here is the log - no Rootkits found...
  6. after some researches I have two unsigned svchost.exe running and changing their PID all the time. they're not from Microsoft, nor have a path I can find. I believe it is a very well hidden infection related to my internet connection. Given that I can't make a clean install to get rid of the problem, I think I will be forced to stop using internet on that computer.
  7. and I kinda believe svchost is broken, was wandering into the task manager and found out a nameless task that appears to be svchost when looking at its properties
  8. and I just noticed windows defender icon loaded up at staturp but immediately hides itself afterwards since the registry merging
  9. I wish it was, but as I said windows Defender Firewall service is stuck on Starting, not on Running, like shows the snapshot : and I can't access stop, start, pause, resume and restart, they're all greyed out...
  10. or maybe I can just set the Windows Defender Firewall to manual startup so I doesn't load up anymore, install BitDefender and FINALLY close that case 😆 what are your thoughts ?
  11. Hi ! after trying your solution of merging the Mpssvc.reg to my own, it partially worked : I got my permissions back, can access the startup options of firewall (was greyed out before) and I believe it repaired some internal things because LocalServiceNoNetworkFirewall.exe isnt taking up 5% of my CPU anymore (which was a heavy amount) my system looks back on track too, it is snappier. Now, the Windows Defender Firewall isn't rebooting itself in loops anymore, it just stays on starting - maybe there are some files missing, did Microsoft made the default files for Windows Firewall avaible in ca
  12. Oh sorry, thought it was the same thing - I'll try to find how to do a repair install ! I'll do it tomorrow. while wandering into Services.exe, I noticed Windows Firewall was Running and Starting and Stopping in loops, that's odd. I also noticed the path to the firewall is : C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetworkFirewall -p which I find a bit strange, and I found the application also in my Task Manager. hope i can fix this with a repair install or with BitDefender. Thanks for your help and for sticking with me throughout all this.
  13. I think I might try installing bitdefender as I have a pro version and use their firewall instead - I don't have time to do a clean install...
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