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  1. Thank you, If I go with Kaspersky version 19 instead of 20, does that mean I need to be locked in to version 19 forever, and if so, how do I stop it automatically upgrading itself?
  2. Thank you. I have Kaspersky Total Security. Version number: (g). Also running the latest versions of both Firefox and Thunderbird. The problems do not exist when only the free version of Malwarebytes is installed and running........only when it is upgraded to Premium version. Can you please advise any workarounds, or have I wasted money on a Malwarebytes upgrade that will not work happily with my preferred security program?
  3. Immediately after activating Malwarebytes Premium, my Win 10 system blocked Firefox, Thunderbird, and any files associated with them. I ran all scans with no results. Reinstalled Windows and all programs. Everything was fine until I re-activated Malwarebytes free to Premium again.......same result - Firefox and Thunderbird will not open, and freeze when trying to uninstall; and computer slows down. I even did a complete registry purge of any Mozilla products, and installed an older version of Firefox afterwards......same result. With Malwarebytes Premium de-activated, everything goes back to normal, and runs fast again. Does anyone have any workarounds so I can still run Premium?
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