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  1. Initially it was functional as normal. But I have found the issue again and have narrowed it down. My standard use is to have only one singular application to run through the VPN. So previously I would select multiple applications to bypass the VPN and the one to be Forced through the VPN. By default, any non specified apps would run through the VPN. Recently I updated to the PIA Beta, which added the additional option to set "All Other Apps" to either bypass the VPN, or to use the VPN. During my initial post I did not have All Other Apps set to bypass. Upon setting All Other Apps to bypass (besides the specific ones i have set to run through the VPN), it becomes functional again. The issue still persists if you have have AOApps set to run through VPN. From that, it appears that some specific app or service being ran through the VPN is causing Mbam to interfere. But while not being ran through the VPN, Mbam doesn't care, yet my specified apps that are set to run through the VPN, are appropriately running through it.
  2. The issue has been resolved as far as I can tell from the update I received today that prompted me to restart Mbam. Web Protection and all other Mbam features are active, and PIA VPN split tunneling is once again fully functional. Though I have no idea what the update was. Mbam V, Update Package V 1.0.19012, Component Package V 1.0.823 Glad to see it fixed within a month. Though I do not know if it was intentional, or a happy byproduct of part of you guys updating something else.
  3. Nope. Only Mbam Premium, Update Package version 1.0.17784 Component package version 1.0.793 Mbam states its up to date when manually checking.
  4. I stated "PIA and all associated files have been excluded from detection, as well as turning Potentially Unwanted Items to warn instead of automatic". In addition to the folder exclusion, I did manually exclude all executables that PIA support told me to, via "Allow an application to connect to the internet". As I said before, its not excluding it from web protection. Disabling web protection does fix it, but its non ideal to go with that mbam feature disabled.
  5. Wouldn't of made an account and this post if excluding it was functioning correctly. The whole point of this point is literally that it's NOT excluding it, even with being allowed. On top of that, Mbam doesn't even say it's detected or prevented any modifications or tampering.
  6. On 1903, everything was functional. Upon updating to Windows 10 1909, PIA can no longer split tunnel (having certain programs excluded from the VPN). PIA and all associated files have been excluded from detection, as well as turning Potentially Unwanted Items to warn instead of automatic , yet, Web Protection is still interfering. Mind you, not a single time have I received a notification of something being blocked or prevented from acting. Upon disabling Web Protection, PIA Split-Tunneling is once again functional. PIA support has directed me here, since it was determined to be an issue with Mbam. The only change between it functioning correctly, and now not functioning, was updating from Windows 10 Pro 1903, to W10 Pro 1909. Over on the PIA reddit, someone else has stated that the latest Mbam itself has broken Split-Tunneling, but they are on Windows 7. Mbam could of updated in the background without me realizing, but either way, the issue is Web Protection interfering somehow. TLDR; Either Mbams latest version, or Mbams functionality on Windows 1909, has broken the functionality of PIAs split-tunneling via Web Protection.
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