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  1. This surprised me, not sure why the uninstaller for Rainmeter got flagged by the AI detection. "Use expert system algorithms to identify malicious files" was also not enabled. log.txt uninst.zip
  2. Its always damn C99Shell and some dippy uploading it, wouldn't have worked as PHP is disabled on the directory. File has been removed, I'm going to go through a cleanup of the mux files, Trackmania wont load them now anyway. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Forgot to include this, here is a screenshot of what I got.
  4. Hi, I went to access one of my sites today and found it to be blocked by mbam's web filter stating it may contain a Trojan. As far as I'm aware, the site does not have a trojan on it, its purely used to host media content and act as one of my DNS domains, plus I have a lot of my old uni work stored on there and its used as a download server for a few game servers I provide, so this will be hindering anyone who is trying to download the custom content for the Team Fortress 2 servers if they're also using mbam. If this could be reviewed I'd be very greatful. Domain: yoitsu.net IP:
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