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  1. If you are running MacOS Catalina, your Safari does not use any of the extensions. Evidently when upgrading to Catalina it just leaves all the extensions that the OLD Safari was using in place and does not delete them (at least my upgrade worked that way). If you are running Catalina, try going to the Safari preferences and select Extensions - you can't since the version of Safari installed with Catalina does not use them. I deleted ALL the items in the extension folder (actually, I deleted the entire folder) and that fixed the GB memory usage that I was experiencing. I still have the issue where every time a scan runs, the RTProtectionDaemon gains about 20MB in size and never goes down without a reboot. However, I do not not see the 10GB usage that was occurring.
  2. See my post of January 21 above. That change I made helped greatly. Still not completely fixed though, but a whole lot better.
  3. I thought I'd do an update to this issue, since progress has been made. Working with Malwarebytes tech support, it was found that /safari/Extentions still had extensions present even through they are not used under MacOS Catalina, and that was causing some issues. I deleted the contents of that folder. Now, when the machine starts up at boot time, the RTProtectionDaemon only uses 47MB. Also, with each scan, the Daemon gains about 19MB more (which it should not do). I've provided more detailed logs to tech support to help diagnose this issue. Here are the MB usages of the Daemon both before and after this change, from boot time and then following each batch scan: Before: 120, 215, 314, 418, 519 After: 68, 84, 103, 126, 142 So, as is evident, there is great improvement, and I thank Malwarebytes Tech Support for their work. There is still more work to do, since this task should not grow at all with each scan.
  4. I opened the ticket. I also created the log file, but I'm reviewing that before I send it. It seems like a LOT of data (27.2MB) and even includes the Mac system install log back to October of last year. I'm leaning toward not sending this and just eating what I paid for MWB and removing it from my computer. It seems to me I might be safer that way then sending all this data 'who knows where'. Keeping my data contained is why I bought MWB in the first place. I spent my career as a programmer working for banks, so maybe I'm overly sensitive to where data goes. As an old Mainframe guy, I have my own little "OmegaMon" here (mainframe techs will know what that is) in the form of "iStat Menus" by which the state of my machine in many aspects is easy to monitor. I have to think long and hard about this zip file. I see that @Popeye has replicated the issue, but with smaller numbers. I'm running MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 on a Mac Book Pro with 16GB of memory. At boot, RTProtectDaemon starts with 122MB. It gains close to 100MB with every scan, with no end in sight.
  5. I just tried something and found that every time I run a scan, it adds about 100MB to the task. I ran the first scan, and it went to 320. Ran another scan and it went to 415BMB. Ran a third scan and now it is sitting at 512MB. Huston, we have a problem!
  6. I will log a ticket a little later when I have more time. For now, a little more data: Yesterday, I rebooted my Mac (something I don't do often). The memory use of that task was then 118MB after the restart. This morning, it has climbed to 221MB. Sure seems like a memory leak to me.
  7. I purchased Malwarebytes for my Mac. After a week of use, I noted that RTProtectionDaemon was using 10 GB of memory. I killed the process, removed Malwarebytes, re-installed the program and have been monitoring it. The first 2 days, RTProtectionDaemon was a little over 200 MB, then it jumped to 319MB. Now after a few more days it is using 519 MB. That seems like quite a bit of my memory being used by that task, and it seems to be growing. Certainly better than the 10 GB originally used, but still quite a bit. Any tips regarding this, or should I dump this program?
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