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  1. Maurice ….. BIG apologies , BUT, I have now reset my PC - up until several years ago, I tried to make my PC "Anti Trojan/Malware proof". I realised this was not a sensible move. Consequently, I have since decided "I WOULD be attacked" so setup my config to be able to get back up , and running within 2 hours, WITHOUT having to pay Ransomware to anyone )which I would NEVER do) and I now have such a config. If I get this problem back I shall certainly let you know AND get back to the parent company who caused this issue. I cannot find much when I search for "Www.co-Uk-Q.com" - I would happily go round to their owner's house and have a right good argument with the git, if I could!! Many thanks for your help. Best Regards. Geoff H.
  2. I seemed to have obtained a FORCED Search Engine address, www.co-uk-q.com. I suspect I have inadvertently NOT unticked a box when downloading some software - I am usually good at this sort of thing, indeed, I tell my two brothers off when they fall for this!! : ( In Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, I cannot amend this - the options are greyed out, the despicable author(s) behind it have locked it down. I can upon a page hat says "Download antimalware designed specifically to remove threats like Www.co-Uk-Q.com and (random file).exe (download of fix will start immediately): Download Antimalware to remove Www.co-Uk-Q.com" however, this did not find it. I then tried the suggested "Wiper Softnow" app, promising it would remove them, it didn't. Interestingly, a run of AntiMalwarebytes then threw up the WiperSoft code as a PuP!! I now intend to zap my Windows Installation and rebuild from a Backup. Apart from wanting to warn people, I also wish to know if anyone has any experience with this Search Engine - or the Scum who write & support it?
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