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  1. Ive got the node.exe added to the allow list. It doesn't help. Switching off Malwarebytes solves the problem, but I have to remember to switch it on again because the only way I can know is to disable the 'switch on with windows' toggle. So it doesnt come on with my pc. I would try to disable 'Ransomware protection' if I knew how. I've looked and cant see...I'm an artist - there's not many techy genes in my body. A wee bitty more help with that fix required, please? FYI As I look at this forum page there's a pop up from Photoshop sitting on top, which closes the forum site if I click OK. (See image.)
  2. There will be an update again on something very soon. I'll address this again when it happens I guess. Dilemma for the future...running my life on Windows 7!!! ツ Thanks for your help with this so far.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I know it's being blocked because I switched off Malwarebites opening automatically, then rebooted. And my update worked. Ill attempt the fix when I can...because this kind of thing always happens when you NEED to work and have no time to learn how to tweak background programmes. Would there be a way of switching off the protection for a short while? Just while I update AdobeCC.
  4. I signed up for the full Malware program yesterday. Today I cant get Adobe creative cloud to update Illustrator. Its all done through the creative cloud interface. It might be a coincidence, but how to I add the family of programmes to a whitelist please?
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