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  1. 2nd that. No issue with Web protection on. Thanks
  2. Malwarebytes 4.0 version 1.0.801 beta. When close the laptop and left it for awhile, it shutdown. If closed and open a minute later, the system appeared to be coming up but showed black screen. I didn't encounter these kind of symptoms on previous version. Turning off Web protection now. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Thanks for the instruction. Beta version installed, Web protection is turned on. Let's see if this resolved the BSoD issue. Cross my fingers.
  4. @nikhils, Tried to follow the steps from the beta post and came back stating that no update. Is it because I'm not in the beta program?
  5. Thanks @boombastik @nikhils, MEMORY.DMP is uploaded.
  6. @nikhils, I have figured out how to attach the MEMORY.DMP file. Still need the e-mail ID to send to. BTW - My system has not crashed or BSoD since Web protection is disabled as recommended from this forum.
  7. @nikhils, When I tried to attach the MEMORY.DMP, it stated that I have no permission even though I have administrator privilege. Also what e-mail ID I should send to?
  8. hello @nikhils, Here's the attached mbst-grab-results.zip. Thanks. mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hello, am also having multiple BSoD in a day. The cause is also mwac.sys I have uploaded the log file using the tool provided on this forum. Please analyze. Thanks. FRSTEnglish.zip
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