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  1. Hello LiquidTension I've tried self to verify the problem. But today, on equal terms, there was no delay whatsoever. Was it an problem with a virus-sig? Perhaps. I save photos from Microsoft Outlook (als Grafik speichern) on the %UserProfile%\Desktop\{parent folder}\{files} Start Rename Renaming was delayed. Now the problem cannot be verified. Thanks for your understanding and reacting quickly. Uwe In the meantime, Windows Update was run.
  2. Thank you very much for the quick answer. And yes, that was it. PS: It is the German translation.
  3. The GUI window of Malwarebytes is in 4K - 150 %, very small. This also affects the font. Asus PB287Q
  4. Hello friends of Malwarebytes Following procedure: - photo-files saved on the desktop, new folder - view in Explorer, with large icons - photos should be renamed - click once on the filename Result: I must wait 15 seconds for each photo to rename it/before a renaming is possible. Question: Why is the rename-procedure (photo file-renaming in Windows-file-explorer) blocked? Windows 10 pro - 1909 Nvidia-Driver for 1080 GTti AMD Ryzen - current chipset drivers No other security software active. No cleaners (except Windows own) No other problems (except GUI errors with 4K) BTW: The "Advanced Exploit Protection"-section is not translated Best regards Uwe
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