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  1. OK. Thanks for your help. I am hopeful you can find support for server 2019 at some point, its based on Windows 10 environment correct? At this point we are looking at our options. Thanks for the info and your help, I hope I was able to help you guys too .
  2. OK. Here are the Memory dumps. Monday -- https://we.tl/t-gxHoQ20nTe Tuesday -- https://we.tl/t-HiLqkmYy6V
  3. OK, after uninstalling MB, run windows update. Ran clean up. Re-installed MB, ran fine all night. This morning the system logs looked good. On another computer on the network, we tried to access our DC drive. Clicked on the short cut folder, and the DC BSOD. Same error. MWAC.sys Driver IRQL not less or equal. This short cut worked fine before the windows update on the 01/10/2020 The short cut link is through the network. \\DC\C$\ Just a basic shortcut. From what I see our security rights for the shortcut is correct. with out MB, shortcut works fine. @
  4. Defeats the purpose of buying the product if I have to turn everything off.
  5. When we got the product installed about a month ago, only issue I ran in to was we set to scan for root kits and that BSOD the server. After reading somewhere, root kits needs to be turned off. So we turned that off and had no problems up until now. I will download the tool and create the logs and use the clean up tool before a fresh install.
  6. I will have to do this after business hours as I need the server to function. Bought from business tab. Malwarebytes for teams. installed.
  7. Hello. I had a Windows update on FRI 1-10-2020. Over this weekend my server rebooted after BSOD. Over 12 times since Fri. BSOD points to MWAC.SYS. IRQL not less or equal. Windows cumulative update windows server 2019 (1809) x64 based -- (KB4530715) We Shut off service to keep business running for the day will try reinstall malwarebytes tonight. I have extracted the dump file text and memory dump text. From what i gather windows and malwarebytes are fighting for file control due to file protection, and system protection. I have not been able to test but an un
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