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  1. I should have mentioned it earlier, but on all other devices including Win10 laptop everything is fine.
  2. After first tests it seems to be fine in Safe Mode...
  3. Nope, unfortunately still the same. Any ideas or Windows re-installation is my only option here? Thanks
  4. Only about 20, but yes, I use Internet alot... I have already done all of it, as I said in the first post, but have done it once again now as You asked, just to be sure. 1. I am unable to export the log. It creates an empty file. However it did not find any threats: 2. This time it did not find any threats. I have attached a log file from 2 days ago where it did find so PUP stuff. 3. Restarted the PC, run the scan. Logs in attachment. Thanks FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Hello @AdvancedSetup I have done what you have asked for. Unfortunately the issue still occurs. What do I do now? Thanks Here are new logs: FRST.txt log.txt
  6. Hello, My Internet is slowing down to a point where it is no longer usable. It happens every time after restart - first few minutes are ok and then it's back. I have tried running both Malwarebytes Free and AdwCleaner, both are detecting some kind of PUP.optional but the quarantine seems to not work with this one - it's always coming back. I have attached required logs. Thanks in advance. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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