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  1. This is what all of the scans have found
  2. report_20200401_222617.klr.zip I have attached both the previous log and the current one.
  3. MWB threat scan.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST_01-04-2020 14.43.12.txt Addition_01-04-2020 14.43.12.txt
  4. I have recently aquired what looks to be a worm on my computer infecting any healthy .exe and .ico files that it can spreading across all of my drives, it does not show any signs of it's existance (adware, sound, extensions on browsers are the same) apart from being picked up by malwarebytes for the files that have already been infected. I have performed a FRST scan earlier today and have attached the files below. FRST_31-03-2020 21.25.12.txt Addition_31-03-2020 21.25.12.txt
  5. I have been in contact with ebay and they told me that I would need to be an authorised reseller to be able to sell keys on there.
  6. Hi, I've gone to the website and I've tried registering to it but it keeps asking me for a company website which I do not have because I'm online planning to resell on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon which do not require me to have a website nor do I have any use or need for it.
  7. Can you give me an email address or contact details of the Malwarebytes Sales agent please?
  8. I have looked at it earlier but that is for a large scale business by what I seem to understand, I am just a single seller doing this as a side thing.
  9. Hi, I was wondering how I would become an authorised reseller to be able to sell Malwarebytes license keys on websites such as eBay and Amazon? I have already been in contact with eBay and they told me that I needed to become an authorised reseller to start selling Malwarebytes keys.
  10. I have discovered that activating a VPN helped resolve my issue and everything works fine now. Thank you for your help!
  11. Nope, no luck. I have deleted the previous installation and installed the one you provided me with and tried to activate it in safe mode with networking enabled. The internet connection worked fine, I was able to easily access the web.
  12. Whenever I try to activate my license key and ID it says that the 'Installation_token was not found'.
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