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  1. YES I tried the various remedies in TREED's "How to remove the after-effects of adware" TO NO AVAIL! Not all apply to me. I'm using Chrome, although Safari sometimes thinks it's in control but I can't remove Safari apparently - different issue, I can deal with Safari being a brat) I need to REMOVE SEARCHMINE, and reset my default back to Chrome. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I HAVE TO SPEND $ and take my MAC into a service center - who may not be able to fix it anyway.
  2. I have the same issue with Searchmine!! PLEASE HELP! How can I use Malwarebytes to remove this and prevent it coming back? THAT'S THE REASON I DOWNLOADED MALWAREBYTES AND CAN'T SEE HOW TO PINPOINT THIS MALWARE AND REMOVE IT!! I do NOT have time to read through the massive amounts of data on this site. JUST WANT THE PROBLEM FIXED.
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