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  1. Hello. I have asked Hostgator to reinstall ssl and the error is gone, it seems to have something to do with it. Thank you all for your help.
  2. Hello, Thissisu, First of all, thank for the reply. This domain was on a hostgator "shared M" hosting. There was no virus there. So I bought a "reseller" hosting, created an exclusive cpanel for this domain, and the false positives started. I still have other .es.gov.br domains on old hosting "M" and do not report anything. I also have other domains in this new hosting resale "Not .es.gov.br" and they are ok. I tried to redo the whole process, I created cpanel again, and this time I didn't upload any files, I tried to access and the error persists. that is, it has nothing to do with site files, because even without uploading the error persists. It seems that the error is related to domain "pontobelo.es.gov.br" only in this new reseller hosting, because it only started to present after I request the appointment for my new reseller dns. ns1.delai.org and ns2.delai.org * I tested on another computer with malwarebytes and also accuses virus. * Tested connected on 4g network and also accuses virus.* I updated malwarebites and the warning persists. The version of Malwarebytes is: Definition package version: 1.0.17597 Component Package Version: 1.0.793 See the report:
  3. Malware Bites is showing a false positive in my domain. Even without any files on the hosting malwarebites accuses virus. I requested a scan on the hosting and nothing was found, also checked with various online tools like cucuri and nothing was found. I would like to know what is going on, I requested support and did not give me a return. I was asked to scan my pc, but the problem is not on my machine, the problem occurs that a specific domain is being accused of being infected without being. I know I can add the site to the delusions to be able to access normally, the problem is not this, the problem is that the bytes malware is blocking the domain for no reason, they do not even give an explanation of why this is an amateurism irresponsible to customers. What do I have to do to get a decent return from support? The domain is "pontobelo.es.gov.br".
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