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  1. Great, I will keep both then thanks again, owe you big time!
  2. I did the scan with Malwarebytes and it did not find anything. I had nothing on my quarantine, so nothing to delete. I will change my netflix username and I will create a stronger password (maybe I will create for all my accounts stronger passwords). Do I keep Malwarebytes? (you said I should not have more than one antivirus and I already paid for ESET) Thank you again for all your help, you have been an angel I really appreciate your help and I will be sure to recommend this forum to anyone who needs a hand.
  3. Ok, here you go: (ESET didn't find anything) info.txt log.txt
  4. Ok, I just did that. I did not remove them, waiting for your reply. RogueKiller results.txt
  5. I did all that. I attached the files generated in the logs folder. It found 20 and deleted them, after that asked for a restart and I did. It said 20 found, 20 cleaned. AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  6. Those were passwords never used on any of my other accounts and are now changed. I'm not dumb to put my active passwords here
  7. Yeah, I used to have avast and I uninstalled it (I just searched for it on control panel uninstall section and no sign of it). I use Eset with paid license, but only for a few days and I suspect the keylogger is older than 3 days. And the 360 one I just installed today, looking for a specific malware remover and ending up on their page (I will uninstall it). The so called hacker changed my password hours ago, and I had Eset activated, so something is fishy. my last password was 7Castraveti! and the one before it was Speshul01. None of them are hakjsdh98712987!@##%@#$âI♥☼ , but they are n
  8. Hi, I suspect I am infected with some kind of keylogger. All my emails and accounts are safe, because I use authentificators and phone, but my Netflix account keeps getting "hacked". Someone changes my password. When I change it to something else, he knows what the password is. He is not resetting it, he just logs in and changes it (because crappy netflix can't make a layered protection), so I suspect a keylogger. This are the files I was asked to attach after I scanned my PC (attached below). Please help me out. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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