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  1. Fascinating, i may have more questions after reading, but this is a good start to better understanding how mbam and wsc function together. T.Y.
  2. i also have confidence in MWB and WD too. But i'm still curious why Malwarebytes doesn't set mbam as the web protector, it's just something that's always seemed to be logical to be there in WSC since mbam can also be registered as AV, seems logical it would also set itself as Web Protector. Anyhoo, thank you, and thank you for the advice you provided.
  3. yes, that is the case i observed too, but why is it not in the Web protection section of Windows Security Center? Right now WSC says i have nothing protecting me on the web other than Windefender. Yet MWB has Web protection enabled. Isn't it counter intuitive to not have MWB in WSC as Web protector ? Seems logical to me to set MWB as a "Fournisseur" doing web protection (sorry don't know the english term used in W10 for this info)
  4. i'd be curious to learn more on MS' and MWB's definition of "Web protection" and why it isn't in the WSC.
  5. Hello Porthos, quick reply, but i think you missed the point of my post, wether or not i enabled MWB in WSC isn't the point but rather to have MWB tell WSC that it is in charge of web protection for WSC. Hence my question: Whether MWB is registered or not in the Windows Security Center, shouldn't MWB be in the Web protection in WSC if the feature is activated in MWB? and a follow up , what is that feature of WSC clled web protection, is it different than what Malwarebyte's considers web protection ?
  6. Sorry to revive this old topic, but i have a question pertaining to this feature When MWB is registered in the Windows Security Center, it's as antivirus only but the web protection area is left blank. Whether MWB is registered or not in the Windows Security Center, shouldn't MWB be in the Web protection in WSC if the feature is activated in MWB?
  7. And thank you AdvancedSetup for the quick reply on this. Sorry i can't edit my posts (yet?) Cheers!
  8. i investigated further, and went ahead and downloaded the mwb support tool. Proceeded to get logs and removed MBAM to reinstall it later. But after i reinstalled mbam, the problem seems gone. So maybe it was a fluke combined with the Win10 update to 2004 messed something up that showed up after the beta update of mbam and by reinstalling it fixed it ? Either way i'm glad things are running smoothly again. Sorry for the confusion all.
  9. Let me rephrase that, from "I still get perf issues" to "Now i get performance issues" i didn't have them before updating mbam.
  10. Hello all, after updating mbam to comp v1.0.990 i still get performance issues when copying files from my NAS. Computer responsiveness is sluggish and the transfer speed is cut in half from the nas. i started troubleshooting by closing MBAM and the perf went back up to normal. Since performance problems was the hot topic of the week here at the forum, i launched MBAM and disabled the Ransomware feature. Not it. TBH i don't remember having perf problems before the update (could be a fluke but in a good way lol). Though now come to think of it, the windows login screen is staying longer on screen i've noticed. hmm... But i digress. Then turned off the other 3 real time features one at a time and testing transfer speeds each time, only to find that the WEB protection is the culprit affecting the transfers. I re-enabled the 3 other RT features one at a time and tested file transfer performance remained high. Re-enabled WEB protection and performance tanked. To be clear, so far this seems to only happen when copying files from my NAS and WEB protection enabled. And maybe my login screen.
  11. Latest Beta seems to be stable for me as well.
  12. Malwarebytes 4.0 version 1.0.801 is installed and has caused a BSOD. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. And the mbst-grab-results file, sorry i don't know how to edit my previous message to include it. mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Hi all, new here, same for me with the bsod then reboot. i used nirsoft's bluescreenview to read the bsod info and seems mwac have become naughty. i've run mb-check and mb clean, and attached my logs just below. mb-check-results.zip
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