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  1. I have uninstalled MBG. I will consider reinstalling when a version newer than 2.1.8 becomes available.
  2. Thank you. See the attached image of my allow list. The length of the first entry is so long, the trash icon is not accessible. It is too far to the right, and there is no left/right scroll bar. The other entries are affected by the first one. No trash icon exists. Also, the column header of the allow list has no trash icon to remove all. I cannot enlarge the entire box itself. I probably can and will remove the entire extension and start over. The design of the allow list should be upgraded to solve this problem.
  3. The browser guard user guide shows how to remove an entry from browser guard. You highlight the entry and click on the trash button. However, there is no such trash button. Malwarebytes Browser Guard version2.1.8 The user guide also says you can remove all by clicking on the kebab icon at the top of the list. There is no such icon there.
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