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  1. Can you check your event viewer's application logs to see if there are any related events for AdwCleaner? If it crashed, it should automatically create a crash dump file. The dump file will either be located in the AdwCleaner logs directory or your %TEMP% directory (typically C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp). If you could send us that dump file we can determine where in the startup code it is crashing. If the dump file is not present, details of any AdwCleaner related events would also help. Thank you for reporting this issue,. We hope to get it resolved soon with your help. Version
  2. You have been a great help, we really appreciate it. Unfortunately, we still have not been able to root out the main cause of the issue. We were, however, able to add a few small features in 8.0.2 that should help us to better figure out the root cause of the issue. If you have not already tried 8.0.2, please do and let us know your results. Thanks again for your help, patience, and understanding.
  3. That is correct. Make sure it is in the same directory as AdwCleaner, and that the file name on the first line of the .bat file matches the file name of AdwCleaner. Thanks!
  4. Going by the behavior described, we believe that AdwCleaner is exiting early with a return code to indicate the error. To obtain the error code we need AdwCleaner to be executed in a bat file or from the command prompt. Below is an example of such a .bat file that will echo to a command window the error code after AdwCleaner has executed. If you could execute the bat file and post the return code, it would help in determining the root cause of this issue. Thanks. adwcleaner_8.0.1.exe echo %errorlevel% pause Without debugging symbols, it is difficult to tell much about the dumps
  5. Is there an entry in your application event log with the source "Windows Error Reporting"? It should appear above the event log entry for the application crash. The information in the entry should point to another location where the dump file(s) may be available. For an example, I've posted the entry from my testing below:
  6. Does the directory D:\dumps exist and is it writable by anyone? I did a quick test using the registry patch and was able to get a dump successfully created:
  7. We would greatly appreciate a crash dump to help us resolve this issue. To have a dump created when AdwCleaner crashes, first apply this registry file. Then, on subsequent launches of AdwCleaner, crash dumps will be stored in C:\Users\Public\CrashDumps (or the equivalent folder if your system is not installed to the default drive). If you could provide us with one of the crash dumps created from attempting to launch AdwCleaner, we should be able to use that to better investigate the cause of this issue. enable_local_crash_dumps.zip
  8. Alternatively, you can apply this reg file which will setup the crash dump creation. After applying, when an application (such as AdwCleaner) crashes, windows will create a dump in C:\Users\Public\CrashDumps. If you can supply us with the dump that AdwCleaner creates it will help us resolve this issue. enable_local_crash_dumps.zip
  9. A crash dump will probably go a long way to help resolve this issue. If it's not to much trouble, try setting up WER as described here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/chaun/steps-to-catch-a-simple-crash-dump-of-a-crashing-process and provide us with the dump file that is generated when trying to start AdwCleaner. I can then use that dump file to determine the faulty code (and fix it).
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