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    Not sure why I need to do the job for your designers but here are the ways you've made things difficult for people.

    Your new UI requires that I log in to do things like update my card to renew. The old system could just know that based on the installed mbam and its SN. You've made it harder.

    Since I never in the past needed to know what email mbam registration was connected with (don't think there even was one) I have no idea what email to log into my account to update my card. And your system doesn't have anything nice like "we'll send an email to the adr connected with this SN" to make it easy.

    So I needed support to find out how to get in if I don't even know my login adr (since this is a new requirement) but nowhere is there a support option to get to you if I don't have that login. No way to just send a tech question or customer service question or a phone number. (No phone number?)

    No way other than to use the forums, which is not a good option since this is not a question for fellow users but a question for your company.

    But I did log into your main page with the email adr for a different client just to get in to ask a question, but when I went to the forums the login doesn't carry over. It's a completely separate login system. Like you're just trying to make it as much of a pain as possible.

    So I'm filling in the "create a forumn account" page and it says my pwd needs to be 8, upper/lower, numbers, special characters. Okay, so I enter nMjbe1m! which meets all the criteria but your registration page insists it doesn't. 

    One of the appeals of mbam has been it's ease of use and simple clarity. Now you're becoming like all the others. Gives me reason to start looking for a new one.

  2. I have never needed to know what email adr mbam is associated with to do things like check what kind of account, how long to go, get to a page to change my ccard for renewal. Of if I did then mbam was smart enough to figure it out from its own SN and registration and knowing a login was just never an issue. Now the new UI requires that because it's all behind a web page that requires login. Someone in our company purchased MBam a year ago, under who know whose email adr, or maybe it was under the IT person's, who knows. Now we need to update the card for auto renewal and we have no idea how to get in. I have the SN from within the program. How do I get around this roadblock? (BTW the email I'm logged into forumns with is for a different client, just so I'd have some way to get in to ask this question.)


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