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  1. Thank you N33dful, Thank you for taking the time to answer. I will submit a feature request for showing the user of the process that triggers a "malicious website" detection in the detection details pane. I'll have a look at the notification options by means of syslogging RTP events. ---------------- I'm not sure if I follow the line of reasoning in your answer on question 1 - I summarize : "although we cannot guarantee that a zero-day exploit will never circumvent the protection of an endpoint, we still want every endpoint - even in an infected state - to remain conne
  2. My company purchased MB Endpoint Protection about 3 weeks ago, using the most recent version of the software. We configured the cloud console, and installed our endpoints Some of the endpoints had previously been installed with MBAM free - with the “corporate use” option, others were ‘clean installs’ by using the deployment tool or the endpoint installer tool that was downloaded in the console. They behave identical. Everything seems to work as it should, but there are some aspects that i find less than optimal. I would first like to ask in this forum if these ‘features’ are by desi
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