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  1. I did install the Windows updates before I ran the scan but maybe didn't restart the system. I hadn't got round to installing Malwarebytes yet but I will as soon as I can. Tbh I'm just making myself paranoid looking at things I don't fully understand. I'll keep ontop of scanning with AV and make a new topic if anything shows up. So unless theres anything else you'd like me to check I'm happy to close this post. Thanks for your time and patience.
  2. OK results are below. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hi Maurice, I'm really sorry but I reinstalled windows. I tried to toggle the two VPN options in windows (allow over metered etc) but they just kept turning back on. Looked up how to disable it via registry and couldn't see the VpnCostedNetworksettings string so I panicked. I haven't connected the pc to the internet yet but if I look in computer management / shared folders/shares I see: Admin - remote admin C and D drives as default shares. IPC - remote IPC Admin, C, D and IPC have dollar signs Infront. I honestly don't know what to do or if it even means anything. As I write this I'm thinking maybe this is something the people I bought the PC from set in place. As in remote assistance if I ever needed support. I won't be able to get an answer from them until tomorrow. Any advice you can offer is much appreciated.
  4. Hi Maurice, Eset scan came up clean. I've attached the log below. Eset.txt
  5. Also the second tool found one infected file during the scan. Will that be in the log? I didn't see any options to remove it post scan.
  6. Hi Maurice, Thanks for the quick reply and the name is Craig. Hopefully these are the logs you requested. msert.log mrt.log MTB.txt
  7. Hi, Just for peace of mind would somebody be able to check these logs for any malicious activity. I did have an infection a couple of months ago but have been using Malwarebytes since and it hasn't found anything recently. Noticed some really weird Powershell scripts in event viewer being run remotely but I have no idea what they mean. Thanks. MBlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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