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  1. Yes guy i agree with you . But problem is , okey i got key and id but its registered on someone email , y. So i wanted to ask , can someone who has email and password see something what im doing? i only activated key and when i saw there is some email on sub account i , deactivated this .
  2. Thanks for the answer , can you tell me about my 2nd question, Of course if u have time .
  3. I wanted to ask suppoort but there was no option so i write on forum. Thx for reading. Hello, I bought a key for the malwarebytes program on g2a. The seller sent me the key and product ID. However, when I wanted to enter the account with a subscription through the program, it took me to the login page where some email without a password was entered in advance. Of course, I gave negative feedback to the seller and appealed to the support. Now my questions. 1. Are these g2a and other auctions keys legal? 2.If I activated my malwarebytes after entering the key and id product, can someone send me some viruses via cloud or something? Can this person see something having access to the subscription (main account) and giving me only the key and product id? I don't know how it works, but I quickly deactivated the account and want to buy a legal key somewhere. Greetings and sorry that I wrote so.
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