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  1. Success. I'm now running 4.0.4. Many thanks everyone.
  2. These files do exist. mbsetup.log Service mbamiservice.log
  3. I ran the support prog and it ran the install again. Firstly it said there was "an error" then it said the installation was cancelled. There are no files in progData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\Logs and this site won't let me upload the only file I have, which is under MB3migration\ServiceConfig.json There is nothing in ProgramFiles\Malwarebytes.
  4. I ran the support tool, but it didn't complete. I've reinstalled v3.6.1 which is now working.
  5. My Malwarebytes stopped working today, and shows the message Unable to connect the Service. I downloaded version 4. and got the same message. Is this a Windows 10 update problem? I'm now running 1909. 18363.535 (Updated yesterday)
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