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  1. Oh and as a side, I have tried running some other "fixlists" from people with the same problem, although it changed nothing. I did not use anything other than FRST, Malawarebytes, and Windows Defender to attempt and fix this problem. I also have reason to believe that the virus was started through a piece of software I downloaded off of Sourceforge, as it prompted a Defender alert, however after I removed and redownloaded the software, it ran without any problem.
  2. Its basically in the title. Whenever I open Task Manager, it shows a very high percentage of CPU usage-around 70, which usually drops down to about 4 or 5. Sometimes, I get lot's of lag while the CPU usage is very low, although this has not happened in a while. It starts with a high amount when nothing but Task Manager is on as well. I also get high memory usage with nothing on, although it doesn't bother me whenever I run a game or render something in 3d, and doesn't even increase drastically. I also believe that my PC is way louder than it used to be, although it could totally be paranoia.
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