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  1. Eyoo, it's you again. Will do that tomorrow when I have time. Thank you again for another quick answer, and have a nice evening
  2. I've had this problem here and there since I began using MB, but it kind of spiked the last week. Circa one out of three times I start my computer, the Malwarebytes Tray Application just won't start, everything MB related is working fine apart from that, and a quick restart always makes the Tray Application start up again. No problem, really, but is anybody else experiencing this? Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you for the quick answer, very much appreciated. Also my bad for the late reaction on my side. The issue I encountered, was actually the only one while using both Defender and Malwarebytes simultaneously (real time protection is obviously off in this case). I've turned off the additional scans of defender, so I don't have to bother with defender scan summarys now anyway. Cheers and have a good day
  4. I've had a small problem the last few months and would like to know if anyone has a solution. I've been using malwarebytes for a few years now (premium pretty much one year), and this problem" came up a few months ago. Malwarebytes is (as per standard) registered with windows defender, so always when there's a quickscan of windows defender, and I wanna look at the scan summary through the "Scan finished"- notification, I get a pop up. Said pop up states that "The admin restricted the access to some areas of this app" (roughly translated from german). This obviously does not happen, when I uncheck the "register malwarebytes with windows defender"- option, but I'd like to have it registered and still be able to access the scan summaries. I know it's a small problem, and in no way any kind of security threat, but is there any way to stop this from happening without separating malwarebytes from windows defender? Thanks in advance.
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