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  1. @cli Thank you for fast reply and for your assistance. Best regards, Eps
  2. @cliOk, so it’s safe to restore all of those files from quarantine?
  3. @cli Thank you for a very quick answer that it was a false threat of trojan. In the weekend I made a couple of scans and later on it found that there was another two files in quarantine from the Brother printer. I put the printscreen of the all files which I have in my quaranteen to check and to be sure it wasn't a malware threat. Could you check it once again and let me know?
  4. Hi Cli. As you can see above, I put my screenshots of the positive threat full scan which I did couple of times durig the weekend πŸ˜• I put in the attachament my file after I used Upload Malwarebytes Support Tool Logs. I hope you can say more about our Issue is it real serious or not? Best regards, Eps mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hi. Malwarebytes found on my Lenovo at 06.11.2020 and 07.11.2020 those threats in atachament. Is this overreacted by Malwarebytes or this is serious?
  6. Hi Maurice Naggar, Thank you for your advice, I turned on Malwarebytes and did what you have said. I see that it works and this is the best solution for me. Great, thank you πŸ™‚
  7. Hi Maurice Naggar, Thank you for your efficent work which I guess was consuming a lot of time. I made every step by step into instruction. I was testing mine windows 10 for a while. Unfortunately Kaspersky or Malwarebytes made too much processes at once. I was trying to turned off settings protecting this, that, etc... and finally I turned on only shield of web sites option the rest I turned off. Windows 10 is loading only with Kaspersky and works fine, when I turn on Malwarebytes my windows is slowing down and any process took ages. I'm regret but when Malwarebytes released new version of their software I have to deny it's something which I was expecting. I had a lot of problems and even your instruction showed that Malwarebytes don't work with Kaspersky. Kaspersky is popular program and they should think about that, Malwarebytes have to think what kind of the program they wants to be, antyviurs or what? And they should stop make testing their software on the final customers who pais for the program... Best regads.
  8. Hi Maurice Naggar, I have Kaspersky ver (g) It's seems I was click on the report post option, strange. I will try to add my zip file to this message. "Patience and effort to get both of Kaspersky 2020 & Malwarebytes 4 Premium to co-exist" So you mean that they are not working together is it correct? mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. Hi Maurice Naggar, Have you received my zip file?
  10. Hi Porthos, I have Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Defender (temproary scanner on). In previous versions I add in Malwarebytes to exclusion list Kaspersky... and made the same with Kaspersky I add Malwarebytes to exclusion list and everything worked perfect. Now its missunderstanding.
  11. Hi Support, I was amazed when I was forced to install new version 4.0.4 of Malwarebytes. The last version works fine and menu was intuitional. I made an update to version 4.0 or something... than Malwarebytes blocked my Windows 10. Before thi operation Windows 10 works fine, every software was ok. I didn't have virus, malware etc... Suddenly after update my Windows 10 stopped worked. I couldn't made any operation I had only option to click start, and option: restart or close :/ THANKS MALWAREBYTES I choose an Windows option recovery point to back to the system before I made this update. Unfortunately Windows 10 couldn't do that I had errors when I had tried to do that... MALWAREBYTES forced me to reinstall my Windows 10 it was of course NIGHTMARE... I spend a lot of time to reinstall my Windows 10 and setup all programs from the beginning etc... After new Windows 10 installation I didn't know that I will be not able to used none of my installed sofware because MALWAREBYTES will block every one of them. It was consuming a lot of time when I realized that MALWAREBYTES is blocking my software like: Adobe Acrobat ITunes Microsft Edge Thunderbird Evernote My printer software My SSD software I had to add all of them to my exclusion list. WHY had you released Malwarebytes 4.0 and you test this program on final client? Why did you tested on me? I'm your client from years and I had a lot of problems due to I paid and installed your software. Why you didn't put any warnings that after installation Malwarebytes 4.0 you will have to add almost every Windows Software to the EXCLUSION LIST?
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