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  1. D@mn — that is a pretty unfriendly design ! If I open the window at default size, the icon-set obscures the contents of the final column disclosed, but if I increase the width to allow the icon-set to pop up in a pseudo-column of its own, the icons become unclickable. Nonetheless, many thanks for your help and explanation, Exile, which was/is much appreciated.
  2. Detection history > History shews a number of rows as per screenshot 1. If one hovers over any of the first five columns in any row, three icons are displayed : "eye", "down arrow with undercup", "Dustbin". How is one meant to obtain a gloss for these icons, and how is one meant to be able to click on them ? Moving the mouse further to the right from column 5 ("Location"), the row highlighting disappears and with it the three icons. Philip Taylor
  3. Also encountered here for the first time today when performing Word 2010 + Excel 2010 mail merge. Mail merged working yesterday but added one additional filter selection criterion today. Suggested remediation successful. MWB-FP.txt
  4. It seems to me, in the light of the information kindly supplied by Porthos and Exile360, that the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing model is much superior in this respect. Adobe CC allows me to install it on as many "devices" as I wish, to activate it on at most two, and to use it on at most one, concurrently. If I try to activate it on a 3rd device, I am told that I must deactivate it on another, and I am allowed to perform that deactivation remotely and in real time. Would there be any support for a formal proposal to Malwarebytes that they adopt the Adobe CC licensing model ?
  5. Thank you for that clarification, Porthos. Clearly not what I was hoping to hear, so I will have to temporarily downgrade the MWB protection on the primary O/S in order to be able to use the full product in the testing O/S.
  6. Could a knowledgeable individual please clarify how Malwarebytes interpret "device" ? I had assumed that if (for example) one is a PC user, then one PC = one device. But it would seem that this is not true. I have a bona fide copy of Malwarebytes Premium (lifetime licence) running on an RM i7 PC under Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit), but the machine is set to dual-boot, the other operating system also being Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit) but with no additional applications installed (it is used for testing malfunctioning software, so kept in a virgin state other than anti-virus (Sophos) and an
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