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  1. D@mn — that is a pretty unfriendly design ! If I open the window at default size, the icon-set obscures the contents of the final column disclosed, but if I increase the width to allow the icon-set to pop up in a pseudo-column of its own, the icons become unclickable. Nonetheless, many thanks for your help and explanation, Exile, which was/is much appreciated.
  2. Detection history > History shews a number of rows as per screenshot 1. If one hovers over any of the first five columns in any row, three icons are displayed : "eye", "down arrow with undercup", "Dustbin". How is one meant to obtain a gloss for these icons, and how is one meant to be able to click on them ? Moving the mouse further to the right from column 5 ("Location"), the row highlighting disappears and with it the three icons. Philip Taylor
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