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  1. Ok I calmed down, and looked at the error messages windows troubleshooting gave about not being able to connect to the internet. After Checking my firewall rules and adapter settings, and resetting local network dns. I remembered I use windscribe vpn on the computer in question. I checked the settings for that and somehow the firewall the Windscribe VPN uses was active. What this means apparently is you can be blocked from internet use when the VPN is INACTIVE. Turned off the VPN firewall (Windscribe is in the off mode) and now can connect and browse. I do not know how that happened but internet restored. I am confused honestly about what happened, the only thing that makes sense on my end is the fact the click area for turning the VPN firewall on or off is a large button and the mouse I use on that PC does do unintentional clicking due to long use. Sorry if I made you do a "What happened here" situation on your end.
  2. Okay, after tending to personal affairs I came back. I ran the adwcleaner and removed preinstalled.hp thing (it is a microsoft office thing apparently upon looking it up). I did not change any settings I ran it vanilla. Now that desktop can not connect via wired or wireless to the internet. I am using my primary PC to post this. In addition to wiping out my internet for that desktop it also wiped out all Win7 restore points. I know this because 100 gigabytes have been freed up and system restore reports no restore points to be found. Your AdwCleaner borked that desktop's internet and restore points when I followed instructions. WHAT NOW?
  3. Okay I run Win7 Pro 32bit on this particular computer and firefox 71 is the default browser (up to date via the about firefox under help in the menu). In the past few days firefox caused windows to say an unknown error occurred but firefox does not crash and I can use it. Aside from the weirdness of it nothing else occurred and this pc is only used occasionally, nothing found on the 19th and 30 of Dec 2019 which shows how little this pc is used generally when I scanned with McAfee and Malwarebytes. This changed on the 1/3/2020 when Malware Premium began blocking connections when I booted this up again to use. On 1/3/2020 I downloaded a few video files using qbittorrent, and afterwards qbittorrent had connections blocked incoming and outgoing. Firefox was also running at the same time (last sentence of first paragraph references the behavior shown with firefox). I had updated definitions so I shut down both programs qbittorrent and firefox and disconnected from the internet. Malwarebytes detected nothing so no results file from that time, but McAfee detected a trojan. That was all that McAfee could could say since it was not in the database, either it was new or a generic trojan. Anyway the infected file was quarantined and deleted by McAfee. I reconnected to the internet and Firefox seems to not be a target, but qbittorrent still had Malwarebytes blocking connections. I ran a new scan with Malwarebytes today and posted the FRST, Addition, and Malwarebytes scan log below. What is happening? 1-4-2020 malwarebyte scan.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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