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  1. I went to search somewhere else to find the logs of the offline scan... -- So I looked into the event viewer > applications and services logs > microsoft > windows > windows defender > operational -- I also looked by going win+r and then entered: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Support Anyways, I do not think the scan worked properly but I am unsure why, maybe the logs will help so I attached those files (I didn't change any settings I swear). Sorry if I wasn't supposed to do that, just trying to be helpful MPDetection-20191230-0128
  2. Okay so - I did the windows defender offline scan, it rebooted my computer and what not. It says under protection history, "no recent actions". So I'm guessing either that's a good thing there wasn't any issues found, or the scan didn't run properly (perhaps due to my laptop being encrypted using VeraCrypt?, I dont know).
  3. I am unsure as to the exact issue, there may be more than one perhaps, but lately my computer has been running particularly slow, having issues when opening programs like Adobe where it just takes forever, or crashes while using. Seems to be a constant high memory usage as well.. I installed the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool, but I honestly dont know what I am looking at so I am hoping someone can help me see what the issue is and how to fix it. I have included a copy of the Farbar Scan as well. Thank you :) Addition.txt FRST.txt
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